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Mid Summer Catch Up Here's What's Been Happening with Us


Some are calling her X and some 10 - whatever you want to call her, we think that you'll love her as much as we do. For what it's worth, we call her "X."

Van X is our newest fleet member and she's a beauty. Built by local builder Inner Space - we were excited to send her out in May for the 1st time and this 4 passenger adventure machine has been busy since.

check out our video tour


When everything started to get scary back in March, we really didn't think we were going to survive. Spring Break was already cancelled and so were summer vacations. But somewhere along the way - people found us.

An option, that allows you to truly remove yourself from others. Camping has always been the perfect blend of social distancing or socializing, depending on what you were craving.

Check out this GREAT list of suggestions if you're still trying to plan some time before your kids get back to their studies.

Celebrating Diversity

The Supreme Court ruling last month regarding LGBTQ Rights is a big step in the right direction - We look forward to a time where discrimination will be a thing of the past. We strive to make sure every human (and also our four-legged friends) feel welcome and have an amazing experience with sCAMPer Van and the outdoors. E-Mail us for a sticker

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