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At Scamper RV Rentals, we like to make things as simple and as easy as possible for you. From the booking process to the operation of the camper to the terms and conditions, we aim for simplicity and honesty. With regards to insurance, there are 2 things to consider when renting a camper in America:


1) Damage to the Scamper

Scamper Insurance is not included in the cost of the rental.

The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the Scamper


For your peace of mind, we do offer through out our partners at Outdoorsy/Wheelbase:

Scamper does not profit from this insurance, it is offered by our partner so the policy is written through them 

They offer both Collision AND Liability and you can price it out at check out.  

No Smoking of any kind. cigs, Vapes, and the funky stuff too. If there is smoke in the vehicle you will be charged a $350 dollar cleaning fee. 


If you possess a valid driver's license from your home country and you have automobile insurance that provides full coverage for rental vehicles (including minivans), you may have coverage for our Rental Fleet. Please check with your insurance company prior to pickup of rental vehicle.


You will need to decline our CDW option and you will be responsible for making a claim through your insurance company. Please supply us with your insurance information at the time of Scamper Rental collection.


IMPORTANT: By submitting a booking request, this does not mean your booking is confirmed even if our online system shows availability. Once Scamper has received your booking request, we will collect the 50% of your total reservation amount as a deposit and send you full booking confirmation.


Minimum age to Rent a Scamper

You must be over 25 Years old and have a full valid driver’s license.Insurance for our rentals and liability Insurance

PICK UP & Return:  Default are listed as 3pm pick up and a noon return.  These times are flexible HOWEVER, if an appointment time is set for Pick up OR return and renter is late - Scamper RV Rentals reserves the right to charge a late fee of $25 per 1/2 hour.  If renter returns vehicle after 3pm, the renter will be charged an additional night at full rate.  


Delivery & Return Times and Locations - Pick up location in Atlanta is 1310 White St. SW ATLANTA GEORGIA 30310 and the Travel Trailer location is 324 Industrial Blvd, McDonough, GA 30253


We can be flexible at times so if you have a late return request, please reach out to us to ask.  Anything after 3 will result in the charge of a full nights rental. 

Reservations: At booking, 50% of your reservation total amount will be charged to hold your reservation. The remainder will be charged 14 days before the beginning of your reservation.


A US $250 refundable damage deposit will be charged upon check in. ($500 for Class B and Trailer Trailer Rentals)  Refundable deposit will be returned 7 days, following the completion of your trip.  If damage occurs, Scamper RV Rentals reserves the right to apply cost of damage from the deposit.

Rentals will be handed off with full tanks of gasoline.  If returned less than that, renter will be charged $6.00 per gallon for fill up.

DUMPING FEE OF $99 will be charged if vehicle is brought back without sewage being emptied


MUST HAVE BRAKE CONTROLLER ON VEHICLE TO TOW - If not, one can be rented to you for $59.99

MUST HAVE 7 WAY CONNECTOR - Harness can be installed in most cases - cost vary on vehicle. 


Payments: Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars in cash, MasterCard, Visa or American Express. 

Cancellations: If the confirmed booking is canceled outside of 14 Days of pick up, the deposit will be returned.

If the Confirmed booking is canceled within 14 days of pick up, Scamper RV Rentals reserves the right to keep 100% of the total reservation cost.  

Accessories: Failure of Scamper RV Rentals to provide reserved accessories does not allow the cancellation terms to be null and void. Accessories ordered cannot be canceled on the day of pick up and must be paid for


Tolls:If a fine is insured will driving trough toll booths or toll lanes while being driven by a customer - Scamper RV Rentals reserves the right to charge the card on file for the toll cost as well as the fine insured while the vehicle is in the customers possession. An additional administrative charge of $10 per unpaid toll will be added to this charge. 

Booking amendments: It is possible to extend your rental without incurring a fee subject to availability.

It is possible to shorten your rental within 21 Days of pick up. Shortening a rental will be quoted as a new rental and will be subject to availability and calculated at the current rate.

Driver's License/Proof of Identification: All drivers must hold a valid driver's license for the entire rental period, plus have a major credit card. Only drivers specified on the contract are allowed to drive Scamper Vehicles


Insurance-Exclusions :

The renter is fully liable for any damage to Scamper or third party property if:the terms of the rental contract are breached.

If the driver is does not hold an appropriate driver’s license.

Damage to the Scamper Rental is caused by careless, wilful or reckless driving.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Driving on unsealed or restricted roads or restricted areas.


Water submersion or salt water damage occurs.


Delivery times are flexible depending on availability.


There are no refunds for late pick up or early return of vehicles.


Minimum and Maximum Rental Period :  Minimum of 3 nights and no current maximum




Basic Rental Package includes 100 Miles per day. 


Purchase an additional 100 miles for $35 per hundred or be charged .55 cents per mile overage fee.


Road Restrictions: Driving on unpaved roads (excluding county and state maintained roads), dirt roads, restricted areas and 'off road' areas is not allowed. Renter is liable for all damages to vehicle, tires, towing charges and other expenses as a result of a breakdown, collision, or other, associated with operating Scamper vehicles in these areas. Scamper insurance protection will also be null and void. The following are restricted areas: 


Anywhere in Mexico, Baja California and Alaska.


Any unimproved road, trail, track (excluding county and state maintained road)


Any off-road areas (dunes, Salt plains, beaches, riverbeds, logging roads, forest trails, dirt trails etc.)


General Rules:


Scamper RV Rentals are smoke-free  - if vehicles are smoked in - we reserve the right to hold the security deposit 


Dogs are allowed and encouraged!  45 lbs and under without a charge.  Dogs above this weight restriction will require a pet fee of $50.  


All passengers must use seat belts while vehicle is in motion.


Scamper RV Rentals does not accept any liability for any injuries incurred to passengers traveling in the back of the vehicle and/or while not using seat belts.

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