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New Conversions Available

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Scamper Build & Design is located in the heart of Atlanta. Since 2016 Our mission has been to get people outside in a state of the art, easy to use, comfortable camper vans. 


Scamper Builds offers full conversions as well as small jobs to finish the project that you've already begun.  From roof top fans to solar set ups, sCAMPer Builds can be your 1 stop for all your van build needs. 


Custom conversions

Our services cover a wide spectrum of customizations. Each project meets our exacting standards of quality, whether it is a simple add-on or an extensive complete conversion limited only by your budget. Conversions can include a combination of exterior modifications, interior modifications, electrical, plumbing, upholstery and accessories like awnings, roof racks, ladders, and much more.


We offer consultation for the potential vanlifer. We'll answer any questions, look at your plans or help you with your design. Consultation can save the DIY'er a lot of frustration when it comes to choosing the right parts and understanding the proper installation. We can show you our build process, and explain our build techniques. Consultation is charged at an hourly rate of $100. 

For more information about our services - fill out the form below or email us at

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