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Fleet Management & Quality Control

Hi, My name is Adam and I am the Fleet Manager here in Atlanta as well as the Director of Quality Control. It’s my job and duty to clean and prep each Van for each renter. During these times, I understand that extra precaution must be taken to ensure the healthy and safety of you, your family, ourselves, and the community. We, at sCAMPer Van, have taken various measures to clean and sanitize the vans thoroughly. Below, I have written out a step-by-step list of how I clean, prep and sanitize each of our vans. We are taking this serious because we care about each and every customer, as well as the people you may come in contact with. Our vans our your home for some time, so we do our absolute best to make sure you feel safe in your home on wheels. sCAMPer Van and I are dedicated to create a clean, safe, welcoming, and fun trip for you, your partner, family, pets, and friends. We strive for excellence and hope you consider renting one of our vans for your next adventure. Thank you, Adam Atlanta Fleet Manager & Director of Quality Control

1. Wash hands before touching anything

2. Put on gloves and mask (replacing if become dirty or rip)

3. Sanitize keys, door handles, cleaning supplies, and commonly touched surfaces on and in the van

4. Remove all linens and place them in a container to be washed

5. Remove any containers or objects in Van to being cleaning

6. Wipe down and sanitize cooler, black box container and other objects

7. Empty gray water, sanitize water tanks, then clean out with eco-friendly soap - let dry out

8. Remove floor mats and spray down with soap and water - let dry out

9. Vacuum thoroughly

10. Clean the sink and all dishes, utensils and cooking materials

11. Sanitize all dishes, utensils and cooking materials

12. Wipe down all surfaces with eco-friendly cleaner

13. Fill the “clean water” jug with fresh water and place both jugs back in Van - sanitizing the handles

14. Place cooler, black box container, and other objects back in van

15. Wipe down floor mats and put them back in the van

16. Begin washing the outside of the van with eco-friendly cleaner

17. Wash van from top to bottom and wheels last

18. Dry the van with a towel

19. Clean the windows with window cleaner - inside and out

20. Place clean floor mats back in van then sanitize them

21. Remove gloves and sanitize hands

22. Put on new gloves for linens

23. Put fresh linens in van and set beds (vans 3 & 4)

24. Check all batteries, first aid kit and materials that may need to be restocked

25. Move and park van

26. Sanitize handles, steering wheel, shifter, control knobs, parking brake, interior handles and switches, and more.

27. Sanitize then place sun visors on windows

28. Lastly, lock the van and sanitize the keys

29. The van is clean and ready to go on and adventure

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