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Our New Partner

One of our goals when starting sCAMPer Van has been to help get people get outside. We believe that nature can increase your health and bring families closer together. Even short trips can create memories that last a lifetime. Not to mention, if you appreciate the outdoors, you will work to protect it and hopefully teach generations still to come.

I recently watched “One Strange Rock” on Netflix that takes you on a 10 episode journey of our planet from the point of view of astronauts who have lived in space and watched our world spin below them. Though that journey and from spending time outdoors all over the world I’ve learned even more how every raindrop and breeze around the earth is interconnected.

It has been two years since we rented our first van and we will finish this year with at least 8 vans. As we grow, we feel that is as important as ever to continue to give back.

In 2019, we will donate 1% of net revenue to the Georgia Conservancy.

The Georgia Conservancy, rounded in 1967, has a rich history of working with private citizens, business, government and academia to protect and conserve the state's natural resources. With a mission to protect and conserve Georgia's natural resources through advocacy, engagement and collaboration, they carry out trips for those new to the outdoors as well as advocacy.

Thank you for your continued support of sCAMPer Van and of our wonderful parks, public spaces, and natural resources we all hold dear.

Eric Van de Steeg



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