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Addition to Our Fleet - The Promaster 1500

What a year it has been - from the creation of sCAMPer Van - our goal has always been to get people outside and we have done that, serving almost 200 customers in just 12 months and we are having a blast. As the need for more vans continues to grow, we've decided to diversify our fleet, offering a larger alternative to our Nissan Pop Top

Introducing the Promaster 1500 - our new vans are roomier and a larger version of what we provide to our customers, a rolling home for adventure. These vans will offer a different experience but one that our customers are already accustomed to and we are excited to get these on the road.

Hang tight - as these should be ready to be rented by July 1st and don't worry; we have more of the Nissan Pop Top vans on order too - adding even more inventory to our growing business.

Check back soon to reserve your next adventure with sCAMPer Van!

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