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Top 12 Things to Do in North Georgia Mountains With Kids

Enjoy life at an easygoing pace when you visit northern Georgia and the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. Here, you’ll encounter lush greenery, towering waterfalls, trickling mountain streams, and friendly laid-back folks. At every turn of the road, you’ll have opportunities to experience exciting adventures, which include hiking, biking, and watersports. Find your perfect accommodation with vacation rentals in the North Georgia Mountains that range from cabins tucked far in the forests, to spacious homes in the downtown area. Check out the 12 most popular activities in the North Georgia Mountains for an unforgettable trip.

Number 1 on this list should be renting a sCAMPer Van - and we are convinced that we are going to get on this list. Why? Well, just about EVERYTHING on this list will be done more easily with a sCAMPer Van. Think about it. Your chance to go where the wind blows you. Change the scenery and terrain whenever you want. No need to cancel a hotel if you're not feeling it. Just drive to the next place.

Well, since we hijacked this list and we aren't on it yet....We will give you the list anyway and let YOU decide how you want to experience it all. Check out the complete story HERE

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