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Growing up in the southeastern portion of the United States, college football has always been a centerpiece in my life. Since I was young I have found myself cheering/barking in support of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. As I’ve aged, the tailgates, celebrations, triumphs, and letdowns have seemed to grow in proportion. In the early months of 2012 I met an astonishing young lady named Alix. I knew from the moment that I laid eyes on her, she was the one for me! It just so turned out that she is also from the southeast, and has also grown up in the same football crazed culture as I. Each year we have spent the fall season tailgating, attending games, and traveling about in support of our beloved teams!

This past fall the University of Georgia won the SEC Eastern conference, granting them the privilege to play for the SEC Championship in Atlanta, GA, in December. This of course kindled the burning question, “What, where, and with whom are we going to watch the game?” Alix and I have a great friend who made us an incredible offer to join on a camping trip in the middle of Georgia on hundreds of acres to explore, and fresh air to breath. The property resides just outside of Pine Mountain, GA, and consists of rolling hills covered in sky scraping pine trees, ponds, green fields, and an abundance of wildlife. There was also a cabin, which had the necessary amenities to watch the game (electricity, running water, heat, television, and satellite service). However, the sleeping arrangements were tight and most of the more comfortable sleeping areas had already been spoken for. So, Alix and I decided that we would take the weekend to the next level..

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