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8 Epic Georgia Float Trips You Have To Experience


With summer in full swing, it’s that time of the year again to hit the water and soak up that sun on an epic Georgia float trip! Whether its on a kayak, canoe, raft, or tube, there isn’t a better way to experience the beauty of Georgia than on one of its many pristine rivers. With so many options, we’ve put together eight epic Georgia float trips you have to experience.

Check them out below!

1) The Savannah River

The Savannah River borders Georgia and South Carolina and makes for some great float trips. Taking a trip down the Savannah is perfect for the thrill seeker as it includes some strong currents and rapids along the way. For the more relaxed floater, the Historic Augusta Canal along the Savannah is the spot for you.

Created back in 1845, a float along the canal brings you a little bit of everything. With both urban and scenic views along the float and cold water from the Savannah to help you beat the heat, it’s a must in the summer. When you do, Savannah Rapids Kayak Rental is the place to go. They have rentals and float trips along both the Savannah and Augusta Canal

2) The Broad River

Being one of Georgia’s last free-flowing rivers, the Broad River is pristine and delivers countless scenic views. A float down the broad contains mild rapids, numerous shoals, bluffs, and sandbars to pull off and enjoy the river.

The Broad is suitable for all levels of kayak enthusiast, and is one of the best spots to take out a group, hit the water, and beat the summer heat – nothing is better! When you do go float the Broad, look no further than The Sandbar. They have all your rental needs, and a float trips that takes you to the prefect sandbar (hence the name) along the Broad.

3) Altamaha Coastal Region

Situated along the Atlantic coast of Georgia, the Altamaha region provides you with experiences unlike any other. For example, you can paddle the tidal waters along Cathead Creek. Here you will explore through rare tidal forest, over grown with fresh water vegetation and teaming with wildlife. Alligators, night herons and ibis can be seen as well as dolphins and manatees during the warmer months.

Or head up the Altamaha River itself and meander through massive old growth cypress trees, engulfing you throughout. Bottom line, anytime you head out the the Altamaha area, it’s going to be unforgettable. It’s a must, and the team over at Altamaha Coastal Tours has everything you’ll need for an amazing time. Veterans of the area, they offer floats through areas like Cathead Creek, Altamaha River, and Lewis Island!

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