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Top 11 Roads Trips from Atlanta

It goes without saying that Atlanta is pretty awesome. It also goes without saying that the traffic in Atlanta is... um, not awesome, which is why instead of driving in the ATL you should hit these 11 actually sweet road-trip destinations, both in and out of the Peach State...

Toccoa Falls

Distance from Atlanta: 93 miles Northeast; 1.5-hour drive

Why it made our list: The Cherokee word for "beautiful," Toccoa Falls is the South’s answer to Niagara Falls. A semi-hidden gem, it’s the highest single-drop waterfall East of the Mississippi. A dazzling 186ft of swirling water that swiftly plunges into an equally gorgeous canyon, it’s an impressive 26ft higher than Niagara Falls.

Pro tip: Bring along your hiking shoes and a picnic lunch. There are lots of wooded spots to relax and nosh while taking in the majestic falls.

Check out the remainder of the list HERE

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