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How The Road Unites

So I sit in my AirBnB in Los Angeles, counting down the minutes before I hit the road with Scamper Van’s first adventure vehicle, I think about the folks I’ve met over the past couple of days and those yet to come.

You see, although the road can be lonesome to some, it can also be an introduction to people that you would have never met had you just sat still.

Last night, I sat on the back of a 30 foot sailboat in Marina Del Ray with a group of people that Scamper Van and my travels with it, has already brought together.

Across from me to my right, Steve, a newly graduated engineer, physics major from Iowa. To HIS right, his girlfriend from Bristol Tennessee. A cute young couple learning the ropes of Southern California with a love for Chic-Fil-A and Nascar. Steve is here because he helps build the Scamper Van with the company Recon Campers that has designed and brought the Scamper to life.

To my left, Cynthia – born in South Africa, raised in South Florida – she’s a parachuter by trade, an engineer in REAL life and a base jumper for hobby. This weekend? She’s off to Yosemite to jump of Half Dome – from there, off to Moab for a crazy event where people climb across ropes over the canyon and jump. Yeah JUMP!!! Great exciting life for Cynthia, but after 35 years on this planet, still hoping to find true love – she’s a true adventurer.

Holding Pumpkin across from me is Kate. Pumpkin is her dog and Kate is a California girl through and through. Born in Pasadena and living in Santa Monica, she’s successful, super bright and as fit as you would imagine most Southern California girls desire to be. No car – just a bike….Whole Foods?? Not organic enough – weed? Yes please! But then again – that’s about all you smell in California these days.

And then comes the creator – Stephen. WOW! Probably one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever met. Graduate from the Air Force Academy – engineer for Ford and other companies, creating and inventing. Avid kite boarder that has traveled across the US 7 times in self-made vehicles, Stephen is an adrenaline junkie who has taken his love for travel and passion for creating and designed the Scamper Van fleet out of the Nissan NV 200. Why? Because he is smart enough to do so.

One more quick one that sits here with me. My partner in life - Rhiannon. A road soul herself. She gives me the excitement to travel, to meet, to adventure. She joins me here in LA to hold my hand, decorate the ride and help this dream come true. Some travel alone and are fine with it - i prefer to have her on my right - ALWAYS!

Who are these people and why am I on this sailboat right now?? Scamper Van – my journey has begun thanks to this creation and it’s exciting to think of all the people that will be met in the future thanks to Stephen’s creation. Whether it’s a banker from Roswell or a surfer from Puerto Escondido. The Road unites people, and what Scamper provides is the vehicle for just that.

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